5 myths about tooth whitening

5 myths about tooth whitening
06/11/2015 76 Harley Street

tile-homepage-03In days gone by, having your teeth whitened was often looked upon as a luxury unless you were very much in the public eye. Our attitudes towards appearance and cosmetics have changed, and tooth whitening is now a great deal more accessible.

Knowledge, however, has not completely caught up with this new freedom, with myths and misunderstandings aplenty. Here are five tooth whitening myths to be aware of before you embark on any treatment.


Myth # 1 It’s a quick fix procedure

While the actual procedure is not physically arduous, you won’t achieve whiter teeth overnight. There are many different treatments on the market, from at-home whiteners to clinic-based bleaching and laser treatment. What they all have in common is a gradual, multi-step approach, usually taking between three and four weeks. So if you want a brilliant beam for an important event, don’t leave it until the night before.

Myth # 2 Anyone can do it

To keep tooth whitening safe, laws are in place preventing anyone other than regulated dental professionals performing professional tooth whitening treatment.

Myth # 3 It hurts

If you are in the right hands – those that are experienced and professionally trained – having your teeth whitened should not be a painful procedure. You may experience very minor side effects, including mild discomfort or sensitivity around the gums, but these will dissipate within days.

Myth # 4 It’s going to break the bank

Not necessarily. There is a range of treatments available, varying in effectiveness and cost. At our central London specialist dental practice, we discuss all options available and ensure our patients have all the price information at the start in order to make an informed decision.

Myth # 5 Your teeth will be white for life

After their tooth whitening treatment at our specialist dental practice, we explain to our London patients the importance of continued oral care in preserving the whiter effect, especially by cutting back on food and drinks that tend to stain the teeth.

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