My child has developed a fear of dentists

My child has developed a fear of dentists
08/06/2015 76 Harley Street

As a parent hearing reports that around eight or nine children in every primary school class in the UK will have already developed tooth decay you will probably be thinking ‘I don’t want that to be my child’. Most parents are committed to helping their kids look after their teeth with diligent brushing and regular dental check ups. But what if your child is totally petrified about visiting the dentist at all?

Choose a paediatric dentist

One way to improve your child’s dental experience is to find a paedodontist, someone who specialises in paediatric dentistry. By working predominantly with children, they will have a different approach. At our specialist dental practice in London’s Harley Street, our paedodontist is Dr Joanna Johnson. Joanna has many years’ experience of working with children – and of convincing even the most nervous of patients that having dental treatment is a breeze. She treats each child as an individual, and their individual fears with respect, taking time to understand just what their concerns are. She aims to make each consultation a relaxed and happy experience.

A clinic that’s not too clinical

At 76 Harley Street, you will find the atmosphere light years away from the cold dental surgeries of the mind. Our reception and treatment rooms are light, airy, friendly and warm, and our team of specialist dentists are keen that not only do you receive the best dental care but that the experience is a wholly positive one. To this end, all our dentists are trained in treating especially nervous patients, and that treatment is pain-free is very high on the agenda. Patients are even able to watch a film or listen to music of their choice during any treatment. At our London specialist dental practice, we have found that even the most anxious of children finds that being treated as an individual by someone who understands their particular concerns enormously reassuring.

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