4 Tips for looking after your teeth

4 Tips for looking after your teeth
09/01/2017 76 Harley Street

4 tips for looking after your teethIt’s easy to look after your teeth isn’t it? Just brush and floss twice a day, visit the dentist regularly and hey presto you’ll have a perfect set of teeth. Whilst these are important factors in maintaining good oral health there’s a little more to it if you want to give your teeth the TLC they deserve.

1. Brush your teeth twice daily

There’s actually quite a lot to remember here. Yes, you should brush twice a day but it should be at the beginning and end of the day, brushing twice around lunchtime isn’t going to cut the mustard. Also, you need to brush for at least two minutes with a circular motion on each tooth.

Whilst the brand of toothpaste isn’t as important as the frequency and brushing action it is important to use a toothpaste that contains the right amount of fluoride. Your dentist can advise on this.

It might also be worth getting a powered toothbrush that has an inbuilt timer. Just look out for the British Dental Health Foundation accredited logo on the packaging.

2. Think about your diet

This really is quite simple, avoid sugar wherever possible and, in particular fizzy drinks with high sugar content. Sugar is responsible for most tooth decay which accounts for the most amount of children hospitalised annually in the UK.

3. Visit the dentist

OK this seems obvious but it’s easy to miss an appointment and then suddenly find 12 months have gone by. In that time a lot can happen so you should always follow your dentist’s advice about how frequently they need to see you. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

4. Don’t abuse them

Tempting as it may be to take the top of a bottle or bite through plastic wrapping with our teeth Don’t do it. They’re not designed for these activities and can easily be damaged.

Whilst this isn’t an exhaustive list, if you follow the 4 points above then you should find it easy to maintain a high standard of oral health. Book an appointment at 76 Harley Street today to ensure you get off to the right start.

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