5 questions to ask your orthodontist

5 questions to ask your orthodontist
23/07/2015 76 Harley Street

Orthodontic treatment can transform a smile – and do wonders for self-confidence. Requiring a time and financial commitment, it is important that anyone about to embark on treatment understands just what is involved. At 76 Harley Street, a specialist dental practice in central London, we encourage patients to ask as many questions as they need. Here are just a few you may find helpful to ask your orthodontist.

  1. Can I just leave my teeth the way they are? For the majority of patients we see at our specialist dental clinic, the motivation for embarking on orthodontal treatment is cosmetic. There are, however, other implications associated with crooked or crowded teeth; efficient cleaning, for example, is difficult and inflamed gums a routine complication. An additional benefit of re-aligning your teeth is a functional and well-balanced bite: when the teeth are straight, they can play their intended role in the chewing and biting process.
  2. What does tooth straightening treatment involve? During your consultation with Jamie Gwilliam, our highly experienced orthodontist, every aspect of your treatment will be discussed in detail before an individualised plan is agreed on.
  3. Will it hurt? At 76 Harley Street, we prioritise making dental treatment as pain-free as possible. The appliances may feel strange and a little uncomfortable at first, but not painful.
  4. What are the risks? It is important to be vigilant in the care of your teeth during your treatment as food can get trapped in the braces causing more than the usual amount of plaque to accumulate; left untreated, this could permanently harm your teeth. At our central London specialist dental practice, our specialist orthodontist, Dr Jamie Gwilliam, will give you guidance on an effective home-care oral hygiene regime to avoid such damage.
  5. How long will it take? This will depend entirely on your individual case. Simple cases may be completed within six months, but most will take 12 to 24 months.

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