Is there anything that can make a trip to the dentist appealing?

Is there anything that can make a trip to the dentist appealing?
10/10/2016 76 Harley Street

76 Harley Street dentists explain how a trip to the dentist can be appealingLet’s face it: no one looks forward to their dentist appointment. For a significant number of people, there will be true dread in their heart as the day approaches, and for others, merely reluctance. Yet oral health is hugely important, with consequences can that extend beyond a bit of toothache or a crooked smile into the arena of your general health.

At 76 Harley Street in central London, we have kept the patient experience at the heart of our practice, asking what we can do to turn a visit to the dentist from a negative to a positive event.

Understanding the needs of nervous patients

Fear of dentists is a common problem so we ensure that every one of our professionals at our specialist dental practice has training in treating nervous patients. We use a range of approaches and techniques to help these patients through their treatment, giving them the time and space to talk through every aspect of the procedure and how their concerns will be addressed.

We offer distractions in the form of films or music – all chosen by the patient. We also make pain-free treatment a priority, using the best anaesthetics and equipment. Finally, we approach each patient as an individual, someone to be treated gently, considerately – and with compassion.

Cold, austere dentist clinics are a thing of the past

People’s negative views of visiting the dentist are often founded in a childhood experience, where loud whirring noises, discomfort and an impersonal environment blend into one bad feeling.

At our central London specialist dental practice, we have designed a very different experience: a warm and friendly welcome at our reception and large and airy treatment rooms. Furthermore, by bringing together experts from all different fields of dentistry, we are able to offer a holistic and convenient service to our patients.

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