Anti-Wrinkle & Aesthetics

with Dr Anna Monibi

Over time, the stresses of everyday living, together with environmental and hormonal changes, can show signs of ageing prematurely. If you’re thinking of wanting a more youthful, healthier glow, then you’re certainly not alone and appropriate treatment can be provided.
To help counteract the natural ageing process of skin volume loss, deep wrinkles and fine lines, there are many non-invasive cosmetic treatments we can provide to not only restore your confidence but to help form a more rejuvenated you and even reverse the ageing process.
Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections (botox) are revolutionising the aesthetic and cosmetic industry with their phenomenal results, combined with their non-surgical and low risk approach.
Dr Anna Monibi, our aesthetics expert, promises to provide a pain free, comfortable experience, together with natural results, softening wrinkles and lines for both men and women most commonly around the eyes, nose and lips and across the forehead area.

Aesthetics FAQs

  • Will I be in pain & how long will my appointment be?
    For all anti-wrinkle treatment, Anna uses a minimally invasive approach which means we can provide this treatment without having to anaesthetise the injected areas.  With Anna’s empathetic approach, you will be fully informed every step of the way and comfortable during your visit.
  • I want fuller lips but with a natural look, is this possible?

    Anna strives to provide as natural results as possible and will follow an ethical and tailored treatment plan to suit your needs. She may recommend that we apply the treatment in stages to ensure your journey is well-led and so that you’re in more control of steering the final result.

  • Will I require an initial consultation before I proceed to treatment?

    An initial consultation is essential to your aesthetics journey at 76. During this appointment, Anna will listen carefully to your needs, understand your medical history and advise a detailed and tailored treatment plan. With informed consent and careful consideration of the treatment process, you have the option to begin treatment during this appointment.

  • Will I have any bruising and swelling?

    All individuals respond differently to treatment. There is always a risk of bruising and swelling and this risk can’t be avoided. You will always be well informed of both pre and post-treatment advice to help deter any swelling and bruising occurring.

  • Will the treatment be permanent?
    On average, the effects of botox can last around 3 to 4 months and will require maintenance should you wish to sustain the results.
  • What is your aftercare advice?

    We strongly advise that our patients take it easy within the 24 hour period of receiving aesthetics treatment;

    • the injected area must not be rubbed or massaged for at least 4 hours, including facials
    • no strenuous activities or exercise should be undertaken for at least 24 hours post-treatment
    • we recommend our patients sit upright for 4-5 hours and do not lay on their front
    • avoid excessive alcohol & wearing tightly fitted headwear across the forehead

Anti-Wrinkle & Skin Treatment Prices

Initial aesthetics consultation (not applied if treatment is carried out on the day of the appointment)


Anti-Wrinkle Injections – 1 Area


Anti-Wrinkle Injections – 2 Areas


Anti-Wrinkle Injections – 3 Areas


Additional Anti-Wrinkle Injections – Per Area


Hyperhydrosis – Sweat Reduction

From £400.00

Chin Enhancement

From £360.00

Cheek Augmentation

From £360.00

Nasolabial Folds

From £270.00

Gummy Smile

From £340.00

Derma Roller Skin Rejuvenation (Per Session)


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