Crowns are advised when it is necessary to protect and restore teeth. They also provide great aesthetics and look just like natural teeth providing a more uniformed smile. A dental crown is positioned over the existing tooth to strengthen and protect it from further damage.

Crowns are usually recommended when teeth are decayed, are not strong enough to be restored (filled), are broken due to trauma, or are required following root canal treatment. They can also be used with the same attention as veneers and can be used to cover discoloured teeth to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Crowns FAQs

  • What are crowns made of?

    Crowns can be made from a range of materials including metal, porcelain, ceramic, zirconia and resin. At 76 Harley Street, our specialist prosthodontists provide zirconia crowns as they are durable and provide a natural looking result. The zirconia crown’s strength is incomparable to any other materials.

  • How long will my crown last?

    A permanent crown can last up to a number of years but the longevity of the crown is solely dependant on your oral health regime, how heavy your bite is and whether the existing tooth under the crown remains strong.

    This means we highly recommend treating the crown like it is your natural tooth and avoid sugary foods and drinks and be conscious of sustaining a healthy diet. If you are ever concerned you are clenching or grinding your teeth, we highly advise seeing your dentist for a review so they can help you maintain and protect your crown and keep it looking its best.

  • How do I look after my crown?

    If you have a dental crown, nothing should change when it comes to your oral health regime. We highly advise that you always follow a strict cleaning routine to avoid the development of decay and gum disease. This means seeking regular cleaning sessions with the hygienist and dental check ups with the dentist so that you can always be on top of your oral health, alongside regular brushing and flossing at home.

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