Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are a creative and artistic way of improving the shape, colour and contour of your teeth without causing any biological harm to the original tooth. This approach allows us to close gaps and improve the colour, shape and contour of your teeth. It is especially suitable for children and young adults as it ensures longevity of the teeth without compromising their health.

Veneers in general are a very bespoke treatment and can be tailored to your wishes. Once you have had a chance to come to a realistic outcome that both you and your dentist agree on, we often use a diagnostic stage where we mock up the end result and test it in your mouth before you commit to any treatment.

Composite veneers FAQs

  • How long do composite veneers last?

    Composite veneers can last between 7 – 15 years although these will require more maintenance than porcelain veneers because they’re more prone to staining and will require polishing once or twice a year. These can always be adjusted and added to, so they will always look their best!

  • How long will the treatment take?

    Typically, composite veneers can be completed in one long visit. It is an amazing transformation for those who come in with a desire to have the smile they want and leave the practice feeling confident and fulfilled.

  • Will I feel any pain during the treatment?

    Dentistry today should not hurt and at 76 Harley Street we commit to ensuring you are comfortable, relaxed and at ease during the full process. Our specialists employ a variety of modern techniques to provide an experience with as minimal pain as possible.

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