Restoring Teeth With A Natural Look

Dental restoration, commonly known as a ‘filling’, is a simple and effective way of restoring a tooth following harmful decay. This approach allows a patient to keep a tooth for many more years. At 76 Harley Street, our prosthodontic specialists work with the UK’s top dental laboratories to produce restorations that are of the finest quality. You can expect a modern, white tooth coloured material to be used to restore your teeth to their natural look, unlike the traditional grey amalgam.

Our aim is always to balance optimal and long-term function with improved appearance.

Restoration FAQs

  • What should I expect during my appointment?

    A topical anaesthetic cream will be applied to the gum around the affected tooth. A local anaesthetic will then be administered and we will commence drilling the decay from the tooth to prepare for its restorative treatment. The tooth coloured composite material is then placed in the cavity (hole) in layers to strengthen its core and body. A special light is then shone on each layer to encourage the setting of the restoration and to speed up the process. We will then shape the restoration, so that it looks as realistic as possible, and so it does not interfere with the way your teeth meet when you bite and chew.

  • Will I feel any pain during the treatment?

    Dentistry today should not hurt and at 76 Harley Street we commit to ensuring you are comfortable, relaxed and at ease during the full process. Our specialists employe a variety of modern techniques to provide an experience with as minimal pain as possible.

  • Will I need to be sedated?

    For restorative treatment, sedation is often not required unless the patient feels anxious about the experience.

    We understand that coming to the dentist can be daunting and so our team of clinicians will use a variety of techniques to create a calm, secure environment that will ease even the most nervous of patients. If a patient requests sedation, we can administer this by inhalation or intravenously. Sedation will make you slightly drowsy, relieve any anxiety and we often find the patient will not recall much of the treatment afterwards.

  • Can the restoration fall out following treatment?

    If the restoration is ‘fragile’, which the dentist will inform you of, there can be an opportunity that you can lose the restorative treatment and this may require maintenance. If you are ever concerned that your restoration feels loose, please speak to your dentist to arrange a review.

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