Dealing with dental phobia: “My last visit to the dentist was a disaster”

Dealing with dental phobia: “My last visit to the dentist was a disaster”
13/01/2016 76 Harley Street

For a significant number of people, simply making an appointment to see a dentist is a fraught affair. A fear of the dentist, known as ‘dental phobia’, can make patients dread going. Perhaps your last trip was one long anxiety, ending up with your dentist barely concealing their irritation and frustration that you were too nervous to cope with the procedure? The happy news is that dental practices and techniques are continually evolving and there is a greater understanding of dentophobia. Indeed, at our central London specialist dental practice, all our specialists have training in treating nervous patients and take time during a consultation to plan the treatment in a way that will most accommodate a patient’s phobia.

What are the reasons for dental phobia?

Ask someone why they don’t like going to the dentist and they may recall a childhood experience of cold, austere clinics and instruments that make blood-curdling noises. There may be many associated fears, too, from fears of anaesthesia, needles, powerlessness or pain, to a fear of being embarrassed by one’s own oral health.

Why will this trip to the dentist be any better?

At 76 Harley Street we have experience of dealing with extreme nerves and our unique set-up enables us to make your treatment infinitely more palatable. By bringing together a team of experts at our specialist dental practice, we can take the stress out of a cross-discipline dental treatment plan. It can all take place in one place – our comfortable London practice – and we liaise with each other, guiding you through the process. Furthermore, our practice is a far cry from the sterile clinics of the past, with large, spacious treatment rooms, friendly welcoming reception staff, music or films offering distraction during treatment – and a place where avoiding pain and discomfort is an absolute priority.

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