Dental braces are just for children, aren’t they?

Dental braces are just for children, aren’t they?
27/05/2015 76 Harley Street

There is a common misconception that only kids see orthodontists. While the ideal age for having braces fitted is early teens because the jaw is still growing, the proportion of adults seeking treatment is on the up. According to the British Orthodontic Society, nearly one million people embarked on orthodontic treatment in the last year – and one in five of them were adults.

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

The advantages of successful orthodontic treatment are threefold. Firstly, and perhaps the strongest motivator, is the aesthetic improvement: with straightened teeth, many people find the self-consciousness about their smile drops away.

Secondly, there is the hygiene aspect: in a crowded, crooked mouth, there are more areas that are difficult to keep clean and oral health becomes compromised. And, finally, there is the functional benefit – that of the ‘bite’. With the teeth correctly aligned, biting and chewing can be performed efficiently.

What are my options?

At our specialist dental practice in London, our orthodontist, Jamie Gwilliam, treats both adults and children. If you would like to explore the possibilities for correcting the alignment of your teeth then your first step is a consultation.

During this session, you will discuss your options and have the opportunity to talk through any concerns or doubts you may have. Jamie will outline the different treatments and their pros and cons, and will explain why the natural shade ceramic brackets are the most popular choice amongst our London patients.

At our specialist dental practice, we understand that our adult patients want effective treatment in the shortest time possible, and that they want it to be aesthetically discreet – for while we are quick to tell our children that having braces is just part of growing up, we tend to be even more self-conscious when we are fully grown.

For more information on our orthodontic treatment, call 020 7631 3276 or click through to our contact page.

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