How do dentures and dental implants compare?

How do dentures and dental implants compare?
05/05/2016 76 Harley Street

denturesWhether you have lost a tooth, or teeth, through decay, trauma, dental fracture or gum disease, the resulting gap can cause a great deal of self-consciousness. And teeth don’t just help you eat or complete your smile but give your face structure, too; when you are missing teeth, your cheeks may appear sunken which can be ageing.

Some people get used to it, especially if the more visible teeth are not affected, but you don’t have to simply get used it – there are many options, two of which are dentures and dental implants.

What can I expect of dentures?

Dentures are false teeth and sit on the gums giving shape to a mouth that is missing teeth. While dentures may be the favoured option for those whose underlying gum and jaw is weak and unhealthy, one drawback experienced by some wearers is that they can slip out of place when speaking or eating.

Some people get on well with their dentures, others find them uncomfortable, unreliable and potentially embarrassing. At central London specialist dental practice, we understand the difficulties some patients have had with their dentures in the past and we guarantee well-fitting, aesthetically-pleasing, stable dentures that are made of only the highest quality materials.

What about dental implants?

A dental implant offers a permanent replacement for the missing teeth by implanting a titanium screw in the jaw and placing a crown on top. If there are several teeth missing, two implants can work to anchor the replacement teeth. Dental implants have become increasingly the treatment of choice as they are comfortable, stable – and look like the original teeth. Furthermore, some patients report that having removable teeth made them feel prematurely old but they feel rejuvenated by implants.

At our specialist dental practice in central London we treat each patient according to their individual needs and our prosthodontists will talk you through all your tooth replacement options.

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