How can I improve the health of my gums?

How can I improve the health of my gums?
19/06/2015 76 Harley Street

The gums are frequently overlooked in many people’s oral hygiene routine, yet their health is intrinsic to your teeth’s health and longevity. The gums are the foundations; if they are destabilised, so too are the teeth they support. So what can you do to give your gums the attention they deserve?

Book a consultation with a periodontist

A dentist who specialises in gums can give you an expert opinion, informing any future dental care. At our London specialist dental practice, an hour-long consultation with periodontist, Dr Hiten Halai involves a thorough examination including low-dose x-ray if necessary. You will then discuss the condition of your gums and underlying bone, existing problems and their causes, which treatments are necessary and any alternatives that exist. You will also be prescribed an oral hygiene plan to observe at home to minimise the risk of any further problems.

Have I left it too late?

No. While prevention is always better than cure, and nipping problems in the bud always advantageous, there are continual advances in dentistry with which our specialist is always abreast. Furthermore, at 76 Harley Street we are equipped with the very latest specialist equipment. A very popular treatment for deep gum pocketing is debridement which involves a thorough cleaning of the roots; by improving the health of the gums they are encouraged to reattach to the roots. At our specialist dental practice, we also offer surgical treatments, replacing lost gum with grafts where appropriate, and bone augmentation where the underlying jaw is built up in preparation for implants. After a gum consultation at our London specialist dental practice, our patients have an informed understanding of the consequences of neglecting this area and feel eager to adopt their tailor-made oral hygiene routine, vastly improving their gums’ future prospects.

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