Do I just need to put up with crooked teeth?

Do I just need to put up with crooked teeth?
10/08/2016 76 Harley Street

crooked teethMany of us have a tendency to ascribe changes in our bodies to age, or ‘just one of those things’. But even if our crooked teeth have happened naturally rather than as a result of a trauma, does that mean we simply need to learn to live with it?

At our central London specialist dental practice, it is not uncommon to hear a patient say, ‘I’m too self-conscious of my crooked teeth to smile – but can I justify dental work? They are not broken? Am I just being vain?’ We would always remind our patients not to underestimate the power of a smile…

An unguarded smile is a magical thing

For those people who have spent years being careful to keep their teeth hidden, the freedom to smile without a care can be liberating – and rejuvenating, too.

Smiling lifts the mood – and it can lift that of those around you. But it’s not just about your smile: misaligned teeth are harder to clean and keep free of bacteria build up. Orthodontic work is not purely about aesthetics: it will improve your oral hygiene, too, as well as often improving people’s emotional health.

What can be done about crooked teeth?

During your initial consultation with one of the dentists here at specialist dental practice 76 Harley Street, orthodontist Jamie Gwilliam will ask you about your objectives and listen to your concerns.

After the taking of digital x-rays and photos, he will suggest a treatment plan. This may involve fitting natural shade ceramic brackets or clear aligners, both of which produce attractive results and rate highly among both patients and dentists in terms of accuracy and speed.

After their orthodontic treatment is complete, our London patients are usually very happy that they decided, after all, not to put up with crooked teeth any longer than necessary.

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