Principles In Contemporary Restorative Dentistry


12 Seminars

March 2020 – January 2021

Limited Spaces Available

This course is designed for clinicians who would like to improve their clinical skills and make day to day practice more enjoyable. You will be able to offer your patients more options and you will be more confident in providing them.

The days are structured to combine lectures and discussions as well as hands on application and fine tuning your existing skillset. The course is scheduled over eleven months, with didactic teaching and emphasis on clinical skill development.

This course will give you confidence in contemporary treatment modalities or the need that arises in day to day dental practice, as well as giving you the tools required to carry out more complex and rewarding dentistry. 

The course is run by Dr Farid Monibi, specialist prosthodontist and his colleagues. 

Participants will be awarded a certificate upon completion of this course. This course will provide 78 hours of verifiable CPD.

Mentoring and clinical coaching at 76 Harley Street will be available after the completion of the course.


Venue: Dental Simulation Centre
St. Georges Hospital, London, SW17 0RE

Nearest Tube Stations:
Tooting Broadway (5 mins from St Georges Hospital)
Colliers Wood (11 mins from St Georges Hospital)
Tooting Bec Road (18 mins from St Georges Hospital)

Course Dates & Length: March 2020 – January 2021 | 12 Seminars

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09:00am – 4:30pm (per session) | 1 hour lunch break

Speaker: Dr Farid Monibi, Specialist Prosthodontist

CPD: 78 hours verifiable CPD

Course Fee: £9,750.00

Payment Plan Option: £3,250.00 deposit

11 monthly instalments of £590.90 via direct debit (GoCardless)

Course fee can be paid in full in advance by contacting the business manager, Emma Russell on 020 7631 3276. 

Day 1 – Complete Patient Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Hands on: Face Bow, Photography, Diagnostic Wax Up, Dental Anatomy

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi

Guest Speaker: Dr Farid Farid


Day 2 – Direct Aesthetic Anterior Restorations

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hands on: Composite Restorations and Composite Veneers

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi


Day 3 – Root Canal Treatment - Current Concepts and Armamentarium

Saturday 25th April 2020

Instrumentation: Rotary and Reciprocation

Lectures by Rohan Rajasingham & Dr Tim Sunnucks


  1. To provide an update on current file systems and optimising clinical use
  2. To provide an update on the irrigation of the canal system
  3. To provide an overview of obturation  materials and techniques
The participant will understand the selection and application of current file systems, learning which system and technique is best suited to individual cases. You will also understand the techniques of canal irrigation and understand the selection and application of appropriate irrigants to maximise efficacy in reducing bacterial load within the root canal system. The participant will understand the approach to current techniques for canal obturation.

Day 4 – Minor Oral Surgery, Planning for Dental Implants

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Hands on: Atraumatic Extractions, Flap Designs, Bone Harvesting, Sinus Lift Practical

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi


Day 5 – The Myth Around Occlusion

Saturday 5th September 2020

Hands On: Construction Of A Bite Raising Appliance

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi

Guest speaker: Brendan Brookshaw


Day 6 – Periodontics - Periodontal Treatment Planning and Periodontal Surgical Techniques

Saturday 26th September 2020

Hands on: Animal Jaw Surgical Periodontal Practical Techniques

Lectures by Dr Hatem Algraffee


  1. To explain how to thoroughly screen and assess patient presenting with periodontal disease
  2. To be able to treatment plan periodontal cases based on history, Investigations, diagnosis and prognosis
  3. To understand and implement new classification
  4. To determine prognosis of teeth and treatment plan cases provided
  5. Be aware of how to apply surgical techniques
  6. Be able to determine ideal flap designs
  7. Understand principals of periodontal surgery, different techniques and suture methods
  8. Apply knowledge of surgical and suture techniques to pigs jaws

Interactive day on how to screen, assess, diagnose and treat patients. Participants will learn how to treatment plan cases and learn how to determine prognosis of teeth. Added to this, how to treat patients with non-surgical and surgical periodontal techniques and apply knowledge to cases and animal jaws.

Day 7 – Posterior Laboratory Made Restorations - Materials, Prognosis, Preparation

Saturday 2nd October 2020

Hands on: Posterior Crowns, Inlay and Onlay Preparations

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi


Day 8 – Sleep Apnoea and Snoring - Current Thinking, Diagnosis and Treatment

Tuesday 13th October 2020

Hands on: Jaw Registration & Adjustment of Mandibular Advancement Device

Lectures by Dr Aditi Desai


  1. Importance of sleep
  2. Understand clinical signs and symptoms that may be suggestive of a sleep breathing disorder to help identify and screen patients at risk
  3. Incorporate dental sleep medicine in your hygiene practice following the BSDSM Protocol
  4. Learn the referral pathway for patients at risk
  5. Learn impression and bite registration requirements for oral appliances.

Dentistry’s role is evolving in the multidisciplinary management of a medical condition called sleep disordered breathing. Over a billion people worldwide suffer with this serious condition with 1.2 million in the UK alone.

Dental sleep medicine has been reclassified to include the management of snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, sleep bruxism, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Orofacial Pain, and dry mouth syndrome.
With low compliance of positive Airway Pressure therapy, the use of oral appliance therapy is being increasingly recognised as a viable treatment option for these patients whose quality of life without such treatment would be diminished.

Day 9 – Paediatric Dentistry - Treatment of the Carius Primary Molar Tooth

Saturday 14th November 2020

Hands on: Stainless Steel Crowns

Lectures by Dr Joanna Johnson & Dr Sara Johnstone


  1. Prevention of primary and secondary tooth dental caries with fluoride and tooth mousse
  2. Application of  stainless steel crowns in the non-invasive “Hall technique” 
  3. Techniques of pulp treatment in primary molars
  4. Dealing with teeth to enhance the tooth’s survival

This course will enhance the prevention and clinical management of children of all ages within the practice environment. The speakers have chosen 6 key points to make the management of children more successful when dental care is required. It will focus on current prevention measures for children and teenagers, non-invasive treatment techniques of carious primary teeth and pulp treatment of primary teeth.

Day 10 – Diagnosis Planning & Restorations

Tuesday 24th November 2020

Hands on: Impressions & Restorations of Dental Implants

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi

Guest Speaker: Dr Farid Farid


Day 11 — Anterior Laboratory Made Restorations - Materials, prognosis, preparation

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hands on: Anterior Crowns & Porcelain Veneers

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi


Day 12 - Fixed Prosthodontics - Minimally Invasive Bridges & Other Modalities Of Replacing Teeth

Saturday 30th January 2021 

Hands on: Preparation for Bridges and Bonding of Minimally Invasive Bridges

Lectures by Dr Farid Monibi


St Georges Hospital, London
SW17 0RE

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