Teeth Straightening FAQs

Teeth Straightening FAQs
15/09/2015 76 Harley Street

Some people are adept at hiding their crooked teeth having perfected a way of chuckling and smiling that reveals very little. But however good you are at drawing as little attention as possible to your mouth, you may long to be able laugh with abandon, completely disregarding your teeth.

Being able to ‘smile with confidence’ is a frequently quoted reason for seeking orthodontic treatment and teeth straightening can help you do this. The results are impressive – but the process does require a commitment, both in terms of time and finance so do make sure you are in full possession of the facts from the off. Here are three further questions to help you.

1. How frequent will my visits to the dentist be?

Before you embark on any treatment at our central London specialist dental practice, orthodontist Jamie Gwilliam will talk you through every aspect of the procedure. Timings will vary according to the individual’s case but, as a general rule, you will return to your orthodontist every four to six weeks to have your braces tightened.

2. Am I going to feel even more self-conscious about my smile during treatment?

Some people are put off by the teeth straightening process – specifically, its perceived visibility. Today, there are alternatives to the metal brace: natural shade ceramic brackets are very popular, as are clear aligners which are so discreet that no one can tell you are wearing them. Your orthodontist will talk you through your teeth straightening options, advising you on how best to achieve a more confident, carefree smile.

3. Will the final results be permanent?

At our central London specialist dental practice, our team will emphasise that the effectiveness of teeth straightening relies on your commitment and following your orthodontist’s instructions. After treatment, it is normal for your teeth to have minor movements throughout your life but it is unusual for the alterations to be of a degree to necessitate further treatment.

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