Is it time to revitalise that smile for the New Year?

Is it time to revitalise that smile for the New Year?
21/01/2017 76 Harley Street

revitalise your smile for the new yearSo, it’s January, possibly the most miserable month. You’re suffering from post Christmas blues and you’re on diet and there’s still no sign of Spring. Don’t despair, one thing you could to revitalise that smile is make an appointment to visit your dentist to get some aesthetic work done.

Some treatment can be restorative and aesthetic

Also known as cosmetic dental treatment, this can be a great way to transform your look as well as your smile. Generally speaking aesthetic work is carried out to improve the appearance of your teeth and is not driven by any underlying oral health issues but if you are having treatment for other things it may be possible to combine the two. Crowns are a good example of this, where the treatment is both restorative as well as aesthetic.

There are other treatments which are becoming increasingly popular, such as veneers. Here at 76 Harley Street we offer two types: the traditional porcelain veneer which is hard wearing and permanent or the composite veneer which can be removed if necessary. Typically, we’d recommend the composite for younger patients.

In some cases it might just be appropriate to undergo general tooth whitening. This can be carried out as a treatment by itself, or in combination with other treatments such as crowns or veneers to match the colours and give a harmonious natural appearance. The lightening process takes a couple of weeks and, after the initial consultation it’s normally carried out at home.

Talk to the dentist about what’s best for your smile

If you’re considering aesthetic work to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of then we’d really recommend you talk to your dentist so they can advise on the right type of treatment for you.

In our Central London practice we specialise in all aspects of aesthetic work, including tooth re-alignment with our orthodontic team. We’d be delighted to see you and help to put a glowing smile back on your face as early as possible in 2017.

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