What’s stopping you from seeking dental treatment?

What’s stopping you from seeking dental treatment?
23/06/2016 76 Harley Street

dental treatmentRegular dental treatment and check-ups are an important part of a good oral health regime, detecting problems early and preventing new ones developing.

Many people do see their dentist on a six-monthly, or at least annual, basis, but there are many more who delay – and persist in delaying even when they know something is wrong.

So just what is preventing you from picking up the phone and making that appointment? Here are three of the most frequently voiced reasons.

1. It’s going to hurt

Being fearful of the dentist’s chair is one of the UK’s top ten phobias – yet many of these worries are based on a mix of childhood memories and flashes from films.

Modern technology, new techniques, highly effective anaesthesia and welcoming clinics mean that dental treatment today is not a painful ordeal set to the soundtrack of a high-pitched drill, but a painless procedure performed while you listen to your favourite music or watch a film.

At our central London specialist dental practice, making treatment pain free is our priority.

2. I can’t afford dental treatment right now

Before you imagine the worst, find out exactly what is involved. A reputable dental practice will give you a full schedule of the costs of dental treatment before you commit to anything.

Do also bear in mind that, left untreated, your condition is likely to worsen – and when you have no choice but to seek treatment, it may be a more costly procedure that is required.

3. I don’t have the time

Your dental health is important, not only to the hygiene, function and appearance of your mouth but to your overall wellbeing, too.

At specialist dental practice 76 Harley Street we understand how busy our patients’ lives are; to this end, we have brought together a team of experts under one roof to offer a comprehensive, multi-discipline, cost-effective service to our London patients.

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