Why are dental implants so highly recommended?

Why are dental implants so highly recommended?
09/10/2015 76 Harley Street

At our central London specialist dental practice we are passionate about dental implants and how they can transform the look and feel of your smile. Before our prosthodontists Dr Farid Monibi, Dr Farid Fahid & Dr Nicola Di Vitale place implants, they talk patients through the pros and cons, and explain the entire procedure and its several stages, giving them a timetable. They encourage patients to ask many questions before embarking on treatment, and one frequently asked is: ‘how are dental implants going to improve my mouth?’

Here are just ten reasons why we at specialist dental practice 76 Harley Street recommend implants to our London patients:

  1. They look natural. Most implants look just like your real teeth.
  2. They feel natural, as if they are part of your jaw.
  3. Fitted into the bone, they act just like a tooth root, anchoring the crown above.
  4. If you can’t wear dentures because your face and teeth have been damaged by disease or an accident, you will, in most cases, be able to have dental implants fitted.
  5. The comfort factor is high. Dentures have a reputation for feeling unstable and causing irritation to the gums.
  6. They are free standing. This means that potentially healthy teeth either side of the gap are not needlessly fitted with crowns to support a bridge.
  7. Equally, if your neighbouring teeth are weak, this does not rule out dental implants. An implant does not rely on other teeth for support.
  8. The possibilities for use are numerous: from a single implant with a single crown to a new full denture stabilised by just two implants, and many other treatments in between.
  9. It is easy to clean an implant as they are not connected to the neighbouring teeth as they would have been with a bridge.
  10. Dental implants are made of titanium which is very durable providing you look after your teeth.

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