5 myths about root canal treatment

5 myths about root canal treatment
20/10/2015 76 Harley Street

Root canal treatment’ is a phrase that makes most people shudder. At our specialist dental practice in central London, we see this first hand when we advise our patients this is the treatment they need. When we ask them why, they produce a list of reasons – but under scrutiny, many of those reasons are exposed as myths.

5 common myths about root canal treatment

  1. It’s going to be painful! Decades ago, root canal treatment may well have caused discomfort, but dental techniques have evolved, new technology innovated, and anaesthetics are more advanced and effective. The next time someone winces when you mention ‘root canal treatment’, ask if they’ve had it; a survey of perceptions discovered that those who have had the treatment are six times more likely to describe the procedure as ‘painless’ than someone who hasn’t even had it! At specialist dental practice 76 Harley Street, patient comfort is our priority and our London-based endontists will explain at your consultation how we ensure a pain-free experience.
  2. If I’m not in pain now, we should leave it alone. Left untreated, an infection could cause the loss of your tooth. It could spread beyond your tooth, causing an abscess, gingivitis or periodontitis.
  3. I haven’t got time for multiple appointments. Root canal treatment can be carried out in one visit to your dentist with just one follow up appointment.
  4. It would be better to take the tooth out. While some feel that extraction saves you coming back for more treatment in the future, preserving your tooth is always the best approach. Nothing beats the natural tooth for effective function.
  5. It’s going to bankrupt me. It is true that having root canal treatment will cost you more than a filling – but it is considerably less expensive than extracting a tooth and replacing it with a bridge or implant which is the potential consequence of ignoring it.

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