Five ways to improve your visit to the dentist

Five ways to improve your visit to the dentist
15/06/2016 76 Harley Street

dentist appointmentIt is not uncommon for people to say they are frightened of going to the dentist. For many, childhood memories of cold, sterile treatment rooms and piercingly loud instruments endure well into adulthood – yet we all know we need to look after our teeth.

Here at 76 Harley Street, a specialist dental practice in central London, we make patient comfort a priority. Here are five ways in which we believe the dental experience can be improved to make the patient’s visit a more enjoyable one.

1. A welcoming environment

It’s not just your dentist’s bedside manner that dictates your experience but everything that has occurred before you enter their treatment room. Our receptionists are warm, friendly and helpful and our clinic light, airy and attractive.

2. Respect for nerves

Dismissing a patient’s anxiety is not conducive to a happy outcome so at 76 Harley Street our professionals are trained in treating nervous patients. Taking time to talk through the procedure, showing films or playing music during treatment and making it pain free are just some of the ways which we keep stress levels low.

3. Bespoke dentist care

Each patient receives an individualised treatment plan, tailored to their particular oral health needs. Furthermore, our hygienists teach patients the optimal at-home regime to minimise the degree of treatment they will require in the future.

4. All experts under one roof

At our central London specialist dental practice, we have brought together a team of experts, including prosthodontists and orthodontists. One of the key benefits is convenience to our patients, facilitating their treatment under the care of different specialists, thereby reducing anxiety further.

5. The most up-to-date equipment

A further benefit of bringing together a number of disciplines in one place is the ability to consolidate resources, kitting out the practice with the best, and most modern equipment, improving the patient’s experience further.

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