Can a smart phone improve your brushing technique?

Can a smart phone improve your brushing technique?
05/12/2016 76 Harley Street

Can a Smartphone improve your brushing technique?We’ve all taken a selfie with a smartphone at one time or another but have you considered that it might not just be useful to get the right pouting look on your social media profile picture, it could also actually improve your tooth brushing technique and help your general oral health.

8% improvement in brushing technique

A recent study conducted in India indicated that recording yourself whilst brushing your teeth could actually improve the quality of the brushing technique if the video is subsequently shared with a dentist for a critical appraisal.

The study, which was published earlier in the year, concluded that although, the amount of time spent tooth brushing didn’t change, participants increased the accuracy and number of strokes.

Overall, an improvement of 8% was seen based on the angle of brushing, using a circular motion and correct positioning of the arm.

Falling into bad habits

Good brushing technique is vital to reduce cavities and maintain a healthy mouth. Whilst the basic rules are quite simple i.e. brush for at least two minutes and make sure you get to all surfaces we are creatures of habit and it’s easy to fall into a bad routine without noticing and these can quickly become ingrained.

Filming the activity and sharing the video with your dentist has the double benefit of focusing you on the activity and disrupting the reinforced behaviour, whilst also getting you an expert critique of where you are going wrong, and right!

Why not speak to our dental hygienists at our Central London specialist dental practice, 76 Harley Street to check if your brushing technique is up to scratch. We’ll also be happy to advise on the right type of brush and toothpaste. If you want to bring a video too then we’ll be more than happy to give you our expert opinion.

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