How to get a Christmas-party-perfect smile

How to get a Christmas-party-perfect smile
19/12/2016 76 Harley Street

Get the perfect smile for the Christmas partyThe party season is upon us and if you want to look your best then you could do far worse than start with your smile. Here at 76 Harley Street we offer a range of aesthetic dental treatments to make sure your teeth are your best feature and give you the perfect smile for that Christmas party.

Consider aesthetic treatment for the perfect smile

Out team of specialists are committed to minimal intervention aesthetic dentistry which means a lot of preparation and planning to get the best possible effect without any risk of damaging your teeth.

We make sure that before we begin any work on your mouth we’ve fully mocked up the final results, including a plastic overlay so you can make an informed decision.

Our services include veneers which are essentially thin covers for your teeth, designed to create a natural looking smile with minimal re-shaping of the teeth below.

Because we recognise that not everyone wants a permanent solution we offer two types of veneer:

The traditional porcelain type is hard wearing, bonded into place and should last a minimum of 10-15 years.

Composite veneers are built up in layers but are completely removable and we often recommend them to younger people or anyone who feels they may want to reverse the procedure at some point in the future.

Teeth whitening is quick and effective

Another way we can achieve that perfect smile is through general teeth whitening. Whilst we often carry this out as part of an integrated plan with veneers or crowns you can just opt for the lightening treatment. After an initial consultation the treatment is usually carried out at home with results in one to two weeks.

We can also offer advice about tooth re-alignment and often we recommend speaking to one of our orthodontists to see if that route might be more appropriate to achieve the desired results. So why not make an appointment at our Central London specialist dental practice to see how we can improve your smile.

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