Looking after our children’s teeth

Looking after our children’s teeth
05/04/2016 76 Harley Street

boy smilingIt feels like the UK is slowly waking up to the children’s dental health epidemic it finds itself in: in last month’s budget, the Chancellor announced a tax on sugary drinks. With new statistics revealing that a shocking 33,000 children have been admitted to hospital for tooth extractions under general anaesthetic in the last year, swift action is clearly necessary – but it doesn’t end with the sugar tax. Here are four tips to stop your child becoming a dental health statistic and keep your children’s teeth healthy.

1. Are you brushing your children’s teeth effectively?

The British Dental Health Foundation has conducted a poll on supervision of tooth brushing and finds that more than a third of parents cease to supervise before their child reaches the age of seven. These findings suggest that almost four million under 14s are at risk of developing serious oral health problems. Have you checked your child’s brushing technique recently? At our specialist dental practice in central London, our hygienists are passionate about helping their young patients achieve the best oral care at home by teaching them optimal brushing skills.

2.    Spit but don’t rinse.

Spit out the toothpaste but don’t reach for the water to rinse.The longer the fluoride stays in the mouth, the better a job it can do. Brushing your teeth alongside your children as they do theirs can be an effective way of improving the dental health of the whole family.

 3.    Limit the frequency of sugar intake.

It is not so much the quantity of sugar or acid in the diet that causes tooth decay – although it definitely plays a part – but how often it is consumed. By limiting acidic and sugary foods to mealtimes, you spare the mouth an almost constant presence of a destructive element, thereby decreasing the likelihood of cavities.

4. Make regular dental appointments for your child.

We are proud to have experts in both children’s dentistry and teenage dental hygiene at our central London specialist dental practice.

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