Is it too late to have braces?

Is it too late to have braces?
23/12/2015 76 Harley Street

There is a common misconception that dental braces are ‘not for grown ups’ – but they certainly are, and more adults are turning to them as an answer to crooked teeth. It may be that they did have braces fitted during their younger years but, in the spirit of teenage defiance, resisted wearing the retainers prescribed after treatment. Or perhaps your teeth were not sufficiently crooked to bother you then, but they do now.

Why are more adults choosing dental braces?

At our central London specialist dental practice 76 Harley Street we frequently hear our patients say they have been keen to straighten their teeth for ages but the idea of the treatment has put them off. Will it be very visible? At least when they were teenagers and supremely self-conscious, braces were a very normal thing to have. Surely as an adult they will stick out like a sore thumb? The happy news is that dental techniques and materials have moved on considerably since the dark metal braces of your youth. Our specialist orthodontist, Jamie Gwilliam, uses natural shade ceramic brackets or clear aligners on his London patients as these have the edge over their predecessors in discretion and comfort.

Is there a health benefit to having braces?

While persuaded about the near-invisibility of modern brackets, some patients still hesitate, questioning whether it is really necessary – should they not just put up with it? There is a dental health aspect to consider: crooked teeth are harder to clean which means the risk of gum disease and possible tooth loss is increased. Adult orthodontics does require a financial investment so we ensure that before embarking on any treatment at our specialist dental practice our patients fully understand the process, what is an achievable goal, and that they are given a full and final quote.

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