I’ve been referred to a prosthodontist – what do they do?

I’ve been referred to a prosthodontist – what do they do?
23/09/2015 76 Harley Street

Prosthodontists specialise in the aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth, utilising crowns, bridges, implants, veneers or dentures. Their work varies from the fitting of a single crown to a complex full mouth reconstruction. To specialise in prosthodontics, a dentist will undergo a further three years of full-time study.

How can a prosthodontist help me?

If you are missing a tooth or are self-conscious about worn down front teeth, a prosthodontist can reconstruct your smile. At specialist dental practice 76 Harley Street, we have two highly experienced prosthodontists: Dr Farid Monibi and Dr Farid Fahid.

During a consultation, you will discuss your treatment options, exploring whether bridges, implants or dentures are most appropriate for you. We also specialise in cosmetic dentistry (more accurately described as minimal intervention aesthetic dentistry), and are able to treat disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

We work with dental technicians at the UK’s top dental laboratories to ensure the custom-made prosthesis is both comfortable and attractive – and of the finest quality. Dr Monibi describes the London team’s aim as ‘always to balance optimal and long-term function with improved appearance’.

What other specialist dentists are there?

There are thirteen dental specialities recognised by the General Dental Council, including endodontics (root, pulp and surrounding tissues), periodontics (gums), orthodontics (irregular teeth, bite and jaw), restorative dentistry and paediatric dentistry.

If you are undergoing aesthetic restoration, you may benefit from additional specialist advice and treatment; many patients seeking to improve the aesthetics of their smile will find it useful also to consult an orthodontist about straightening their teeth.

At our central London specialist dental practice, we have a multi-disciplinary team all in one place so that we are better able to offer the full range of dental services, making treatment more cost-effective and convenient for our patients.

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